Healthy Teachers, Healthy School Summit
Coming to the Riverina on Friday August 24th (One Day Only)
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As a School Principal, you’ve probably witnessed first hand the stress and challenges our nation’s teachers face every day. And you’ve probably seen the impact: more absentees, higher turnover, lower performance. I probably don’t need to tell you that nearly half of all teachers leave the profession after only five years.  

What you might be interested in learning is that there are ways to reduce stress, increase morale, and improve performance. 

We’ve created a health and well-being program that does all that, simply by giving your teachers the tools and support they need to live healthier, happier lives both at school and beyond. 

It’s called the Healthy Teachers program. Designed by experienced educators and 7-time World Champion and well-being expert Guy Leech, the Healthy Teachers program has been proven to have a positive impact on teacher, staff and school performance.

Best of all, it’s both highly affordable and easy to implement. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this unique and powerful program, I encourage you to come to the Riverina Healthy Schools Summit.

Paul Timms - Program Manager

Inspirational and Engaging Speakers
Guy Leech
In front of 120,000 people on the Gold Coast, Guy Leech triumphed in the world’s first ever professional ironman race - The Coolangatta Gold in 1984. A 46km race of running, swimming and paddling in near 40 degree heat from Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta and back.  Since that day Guy stayed at the top of the sport for the next decade cementing his name in the national psyche along with winning major ironman races all over the planet including the World Ironman title.  He is an expert in achieving high performance results whilst maintaining his own wellness.  He is a masterful story teller and highly engaging speaker that leaves his audiences empowered to set and achieve their goals.
Craig Spence
Craig Spence is the Founding Director of World Kindness Australia (WKA); he is committed to building and strengthening Kindness & inclusive initiatives across the nation, from the classroom, to the board room and the corridors of Government.

Craig is passionate about the courage of Kindness and living with Purpose. This passion has changed the lives and indeed saved lives, through a simple yet effective philosophy we all can adopt.
Paul Timms
Paul Timms is a dynamic professional speaker and high effective leadership coach.  Over the past 20 years has developed over 100 specialist coaching programs and trained over 10,000 professional speakers, business leaders and wellness professionals.  He is a country boy with a passion for energising regional communities and partnering with inspiring leaders to made positive changes.  Paul has brought his experience and passion for educational leadership in creating the Healthy Teachers Program and Healthy Schools Summit.

Program Outline

9:00 am:       Registration

9.30 pm:       Official Welcome

9.40 am:       High Performance Leadership:  The Winning Formula
                      Guy Leech - 7 Time World Champion Ironman

10.10 am:     The Power of Kindness:  How to Be Kind to Yourself 
                      Craig Spence - Director of World Kindness (alter ego "Captain Kindness")

10:40 am:    Morning Tea:  Tea, Coffee, Food and Trade Displays

11:00 am:     The Healthy Teacher Formula:  How to Create a Culture of Wellbeing
                      Paul Timms - National Programs Manager

11.30 am:     The Leadership Panel:  Sustainable Leadership at the Coalface
                      An interactive Q and A Session with our Panel.

12.00 pm:     Taking Action:  The Healthy School Strategy
12.30 pm:     Lunch:  Networking and Trade Tables

1.30 pm:      Completion.

Important Notice:  Session topics and presenters may change slightly between event dates and locations.  All sessions will be recorded and made available after the event to all delegates.  This ensures that you will have access to all content across the Regional Summits.
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Event Location 
The Riverina Healthy Schools Summit is being hosted by The Riverina Anglican College this year.  Registrations are open to all school principals, educational leaders, interested teachers and relevant staff.

The Riverina Anglican College
127 Farrer Road
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650